Christian Adventure Stories for Kids

                                  "Alex and the Pirate Cave"

Alex turned from there and looked at the faraway horizon of the gray-green ocean with piled-up, billowing clouds.  It would be fun to see a whale spout, but he knew that wasn’t too likely, unless he stayed there a very long time.  He did see a ship, far out to sea, though too far to see it clearly even with his fine new binoculars.
His 12th birthday had been two days before and the binoculars were his main request for a gift.  They were quite powerful and he was very happy—binoculars are good for helping out in adventures—useful for spying and gathering information.  Of course, his parents had warned him to take good care of them, with lectures about how expensive they had been.  And of course Alex solemnly promised to guard them carefully.
So here he was, in the high belltower and enjoying the fine view.  Then he turned to the north side, which was rocky hills with a few scraggly pine trees and cliffs overlooking the sea.  This was where he had been looking at sea birds and their nests on the sea cliff ledges, then had noticed a small dark opening high on the cliff face.  There was something white, which he could only see through the binoculars—that looked like a human skull!

                                  "Alex and the Secret Room"

A few days later, as Alex was heading out to the athletic field for soccer practice, he rounded the corner of the gymnasium and came upon Alonzo, surrounded by four eighth grade boys, who were obviously bullying him.  Alonzo’s face was white, and tears stood in his eyes, as he tried to push past them.  The leader of the group, Craig—a husky boy with spiked blonde hair—pushed Alonzo in the chest.  “What’s the matter, kid?  Can’tcha fight back?  Got a crippled arm there, huh?  Go ahead, hit me with it—it might HURT me!  I’ll bet you’d knock me flat out!”  He and the other boys laughed uproariously at Craig’s joke.  Not saying a word, Alonzo again tried to keep walking forward, but was hit in the face by one of the boys.  Alonzo covered his face with his hands and his nose started bleeding.

Alex exploded into action.  Shouting as loud as he could, he raced into the middle of the group, and jumped in front of Alonzo.  “Just leave him alone, you bullies!!  In the first instant, they were so surprised, they stood there, frozen.  Then Craig, with rage growing in his expression, pulled back his fist and hit Alex as hard as he could in the mouth.

Just then, Coach Turner, came around the corner and ran toward the small crowd of yelling, fighting boys.  “All right!  That’s enough!!  Every one of you stop this instant!” he shouted.  “Now march immediately to the principal’s office—all of you!"

                              "Alex and the Stolen Dagger"

 (A story that begins in the 1600's with an orphan boy who makes a journey to the New World with 106 other boys and men, to settle the Jamestowne site.)