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Why Can't Americans Spell!?

Posted by Connie Vellekoop on February 4, 2010 at 8:09 AM

Ok, I admit that I'm a bit obsessive/compulsive about spelling and punctuation--not that I ALWAYS get it right, but what I always try to do is to GO BACK AND PROOF-READ WHAT I JUST WROTE! I'm amazed that the vast majority of people seem to not pay any attention to orthography, rules of punctuation, or grammar in anything they write--emails, FaceBook, etc.  I'm pretty sure a lot of them know better, but don't find it important to pay attention to these details.  It IS important, people!


English is one of the most expressive languages in the world and the finest expression of poets, the likes of Keats, Byron, Browning, Frost, and Shakespeare.  When one hears our younger generation speaking, one has to conclude their vocabulary amounts to around 25 words, punctuated mostly with "like" and "omg."

Conscientious, hard-working, dedicated high-school English teachers must face an uphill battle with their students.  Can they spell, can they write, can they READ?

I would like to see stricter standards for high school students: Essay writing, public speaking, memorization of great poetry, and stringent spelling drills!  UP with proper English and DOWN with text-messaging and sloppy spelling.  Let's SAVE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

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