Christian Adventure Stories for Kids

My history in a nutshell:

To make a very long story short--I was reared in a missionary family, spending my childhood in Indonesia, where we lived in a native house on stilts, 3 days travel up-river in the jungle.  It was an exciting,fun way to live, playing with our little Dayak friends, swimming in the river and watching monkeys and other wildlife swing through the trees. I learned the Dayak language, as well as Indonesian.

After a few short years in the States,we went to Argentina, where I spent my teen years.  I became fluent in Spanish and continue to be bilingual.  I grew up without TV, so have been an avid reader my whole life--a factor in my writing, I'm sure.

I returned to the States for college, met and married Harry, and together we served 14 years in Costa Rica, Argentina and Paraguay.  Our two children were born in Argentina.

My "day job" is a piano teacher, averaging 50 students a week.  So I have had many years of contact with children, and I love interacting with them, trying to figure out how they think, what motivates them, what MOVES them.  I also have four grandchildren and enjoy every minute spent with them, being involved in their lives.

My first book project was writing my father's memoir -- a 320 page book titled "A Man After God's Own Heart--the Jack Schisler Story."  We self-published the book through Believer's Press, and since it was released in October, 2009, we have sold over 600 books--in less than three months.  We have received many testimonies and stories of what a blessing, encouragement and impetus it has been in the lives of those who have read it. The book has been translated to Portuguese, and this year will come out in Spanish, for Latin American readers.

So, my current project is writing kids books--stories that will not just entertain, but teach life-lessons and Biblical truths.

I am also poking away at writing my own memoirs. It was an idea presented to me that I'm not entirely sure about, but will make the attempt. Stay tuned!