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This website is to introduce and promote my fiction story books for kids (as well as other writing).  I am targeting, mainly, the "Middle Reader"--ages 8 through 12, with adventure and mystery stories which include some reference to historical events (though not sticking exactly to historical details.  There might be some "stretching" of facts, since my purpose isn't to teach history!)

I also include Biblical principles and moral values as an essential part of the story.

The first book, titled, "Alex and the Pirate Cave," is about our hero, a twelve-year old boy, who loves adventure and consequently gets into quite a few situations.  He learns lessons about honesty and forthrightness, as well as how to trust God in difficult spots, and how to be a good testimony and witness to others--even "enemies."  The story starts out with a pirate, treasure, a kidnapping, and a skeleton.

I'm writing the stories, aimed at my 12-year old grandson, who also loves adventure and mysteries.

My second book, "Alex and the Secret Room" has historical references to the Underground Railroad and fugitive slaves.  Alex learns about showing love to people and acceptance of those who aren't exactly his type of friends.

The third book in the series is "Alex and the Stolen Dagger" with historical background in the Jamestowne, Virginia, settlement. Alex participates in an archaeological dig where a valuable artifact goes missing. Everyone is suspected, then Alex himself finds the thief--a surprising conclusion!

I have also written a story for pre-schoolers called The Tall Quiet House. A rhyming/picture book, it tells of a lonely mouse who lives in a tall quiet house; then something happens to change things right away--a fun story that kids always say, "Read it again!"

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Alex is a redhead, impulsive, friendly 12-year old boy. He loves adventure, and somehow manages to find them in his small town of Rocky Cove. In the first Alex Book, Alex and the Pirate’s Cave, there were kidnappings, pirates (of course!), skeletons, treasure, and good lessons learned.

This story, Alex and the Secret Room, starts out in the 1800s with fugitive slaves and the Underground Railroad. Somehow there is a connection with Rocky Cove in modern times. Alex befriends a lonely boy who had recently moved to Rocky Cove. This newcomer, Alonzo, lives in a Victorian mansion with his dad, and confides in Alex about weird happenings in this big house—strange noises and apparitions. Alonzo’s dad has apparently hidden a dark secret from his son. You’ll find out how Alex gets involved in solving this mystery and what happens.  As in all my stories, there are biblical and moral foundations brought out, without being “preachy.”

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